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Quick Shine™ Enhanced

Quick Shine™ Enhanced

Apply a Professional Golden Brown Shine - Every Time!

When it comes to baked goods, consumers buy appearance. Quick Shine Enhanced aerosol sprays were developed to offer in-store and foodservice bakeries safer, easier and more cost-efficient alternatives to egg-based shine and brown products. Now - give baked goods the shine and golden brown appearance that increases bakery sales without eggs, the added risk of bacterial contamination, extra labor or waste.

Quick Shine Eliminates:

  • Bacterial Contamination From Egg Products That Can Be Found in Traditional, Pre-mix and Powdered Washes.
  • Food Borne Illness One of Major Food Industry Concerns
  • High Costs of Mixing, Cleaning, Disinfecting in “Brush & Bowl” Methods
  • Open Bowls of Pre-mix and Powdered Egg Wash Must Be Discarded at the End of the Work Day
  • Basting Brushes That Often Leave Brush “Bristles” on Baked Goods, Giving Appearance of Having “Human Hair” (or Animal Hair) on Finished Product

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